Hair pin pal
Hairpin Pal in pink and seafoam
Hair pin pal
Hairpin pal in action
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HairPin Pal

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Sick of messy and dropped bobby pins? HairpinPal is the answer to holding metal hair clips ready for you to grab while you are doing your hair! The magnet is so strong that you can toss a bobby pin toward the bowl surface and HairpinPal will catch it! And just sweep over scattered clips on the counter or floor for HairpinPal to snap them up instantly!

Keep HairpinPal wherever you style your hair. Easy to transport your clips to prepare for dance recitals, drama events, and pageants. A perfect tool for home and salon. Makes a great gift!


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Customer Reviews

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Perfect solution for Bobby pin chaos

As a dance mom, I LOVE this product! It is a perfect solution to loose Bobby pins that I find all over my house!

Isabella Quartaro
Bobby pin life saver

This is absolutely a must! Sometimes bobby-pins get lost in my dance bag, diva dolly and dream duffel and they are never found again! With this I can find them and keep them safe. It’s no longer a hassle if I spill the Bobby pins even safety pins anywhere because this picks the up so fast. It’s a must for competitions as well as for you bag for dance class.


I'm someone who always has bobby pins scattered everywhere - my dresser, my purse, the bathroom, etc. This thing makes it easy to keep them all contained, and I don't need to worry about spilling them everywhere if I accidentally knock it over. Plus, it came with a bunch of bobby pins - always good to refresh my supply! Would definitely recommend this item!

Natalia Derkach

Great Hairpin Holder! Keeps all hairpin organized!

Moraima Reyes

This item is super good!!! Love it! Keep all pins together!!!