Kathryn Morgan Haul FAQ


How Often? The Kathryn Morgan Haul is an Exclusive Box for dancers that is created and shipped every 3 months (or quarterly).

What is Quarterly? 1st Quarter - January thru March, 2nd Quarter - April thru June, 3rd Quarter - July thru September and 4th Quarter - October thru December.

Kathryn Morgan Schedule

When will I be charged? After the initial charge, you will be charged on the first of the month of each new quarter.

 If I subscribe to the Kathryn Morgan Haul, do I receive my hauls faster? Subscribers will be adjusted to move their order dates to the 1st of the month of the new quarter thereby having their orders processed first. Subscriptions take priority over single orders. We always strive to not sell out, but due to demand, this may happen and this is why we try to ensure the subscribers receive their orders.

If I don't subscribe but make a single purchase of the Kathryn Morgan haul, when is it processed? All orders will be processed asap and your haul will be shipped as soon as it has been assembled and ready.

Is it possible to sell out? Absolutely! Some of the Kathryn Morgan Haul products are made exclusively for the haul and are limited in quantities. We always purchase or have made, more than our current subscriptions.

Will you substitute products in the haul? Yes, from time to time we may need to substitute a product with the best possible alternative as some products are limited or made exclusive for these hauls.

Are you still reading this? If so, just know that we try very hard to think and address every possible situation regarding these hauls and will always error on the side of the customer if reasonable.